Monday, April 1, 2013

"Our Small Town in Italy- Falconara Marittima"

I'll never forget the first time we landed at the airport. As I peered out my window, I noticed lots of land, mountains, and water. It was a breathtaking sight. The landing was smooth; approximately an hour away by plane from Rome. "Aeroporto di Ancona- Falconara" (AOI), is one of the tiniest airports I've ever seen. Once the plane lands, you trolley towards the customs entrance. There are special stairs that lead to the outside and a bus that awaits loading for a minute ride to the doors. Inside, there is one baggage loading zone and all clear glass windows around you. I glance through the double doors that lead into Falconara and see my best friend, Claudia, jumping up and down and waving. To me, customs, la dogana, is a joke. The officers stand by the metal detector that separates the outside from the double door and look at your passport, ask how long you're staying, and then allow you to enter. They don't keep you long, as long as there aren't any suspicions. Recently, I read that their was a man traveling from the Dominican Republic that swallowed 33 killograms (72 pounds) of cocaine and attempted to smuggle it into Falconara, but he was caught. My favorite thing to do when I finally arrive through the double glass doors is hug my best friend. We drive out of the airport and follow the signs for Falconara, the city. It's a ten minute ride with many curves and some bumps. To the left of us, there is water, the Adriatic Sea. To the right of us, there are many mountains. The drive around and through is peaceful. Many bright yellow sunflowers lye in fields around the hills. They're the tallest I've ever seen in my lifetime. One day, I plan on taking a picture inside a field with them surrounding me. Falconara is my second home. I consider it a part of my identity. I've spent almost every summer since I was 14 in that small little town. My family owns an apartment across the street from the beach in a building that my grandfather constructed. Falconara is my history, my dream, my paradise. A part of me is always tucked away in that little city, where the sun shines bright in the summer and the snow melts in the winter. It is where my heart resides.


  1. now you have captured my interest in Falconara Marittima, and i will add it to my growing list of towns to 'meet' in Italy! yes i did say meet, becuase each town and village has a personality and i continue to look for one that says to me, 'stay here with us' during my yearly trips 'home to italy. Now to find out if there is a train that services Falconara Marittima!

    1. Hello, lee! I am so sorry to reply so late, but had no idea of your comment until today. I was flipping through my blog and saw dozens of comments on my posts. Well, as you can probably imagine, I am besides myself with joy. I am so happy that my little city captivated your interest. Did you have an opportunity to see it? If so, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have for so many years. :)